Srcomsec is a quantitative trading firm specializing in fully automated trading strategies. We develop proprietary trading strategies by using statistical and technical analysis to identify patterns and behavior in markets. At Srcomsec our core expertise is mathematical modelling, computer science, technical analysis, Greeks (options) analysis and execution.


Mr. Nitin Bagadia is the Founder and CEO of Srcomsec. He is responsible for setting the firm’s direction, sustaining a winning culture and developing innovative financial products and strategies for the Indian markets. His dynamic analytical capabilities have been helping to diversify financial products in the areas of trading strategies and risk management. Mr. Bagadia has over 15 years of trading experience, with proven expertise in general management, product development and Analytics across Trading, wealth and asset management. He combines intuition with analytical abilities and has a bias for organization building and strategy.


Mr. Bagadia also heads a team which specializes in derivative Pricing, Financial Product design, Market forecasting, Developing complex Trading Strategies, PDE, Probability, Stochastic and Soft Computing. At Srcomsec they apply computer science and math skills to build trading algorithms.


Srcomsec has a relaxed and casual workplace. We work hard to foster an environment where people are passionate about their work, freely consult and share ideas, and have fun while getting the job done. Our office is an open workplace with that involves everyone in what is happening in the business. We believe that life is a learning process, and to learn one needs to share and gain knowledge.

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